High School Curriculum

In recent years, Nest has strategically prioritized the development of an innovative and comprehensive high school prevention education program, addressing the complex root dynamics undergirding sexual exploitation and trafficking.
The Nest Program for the Right to Healthy Relationships™ empowers youth as leaders in eradication of sexual violence against children, by equipping them with skills, knowledge, and opportunities for engagement.

The Nest Program for the Right to Healthy Relationships™ high school classroom curriculum incorporates evidence-informed approaches to facilitate student skill development across two key domains:


  • Sociopolitical vocabulary and awareness

  • Critical analysis and understanding of media and other forms of content

  • Identification of societal problems and solutions, at the interpersonal, community, and societal levels 

  • Creative, cause-oriented expression and activism


  • Understanding and asking for consent

  • Recognizing signs of healthy relationships across a spectrum of interpersonal relationships (i.e., including, but not limited to romantic or sexual relationships)

  • Safety planning

  • Recognizing risky situations and identifying relational and contextual risk factors, with an emphasis on both in-person and online interactions

  • Effective bystander interventions addressing a range of risky contexts, including bullying, abuse and risk for exploitation

Additionally, evidence-informed activities at the beginning and end of each lesson facilitate students in developing mindfulness and distress tolerance skills, and provide transitions into and out of class. Learn More.