"Waiting for Change" -- Capstone Project produced by two health class students

We couldn't resist not sharing with you this powerful capstone project written, produced, and mixed by two health class students. Once you listen and read the lyrics excerpt, you'll understand just how empowering these projects can be for students, teachers, and our school community. 



Waiting for Change

written and produced by Amulet and Marz1pan


Maybe one day I'll wake up
And I'll feel safe
In my skin in the air and on every single public train 

Are you asking to help me,
Or to push me away
Cause the victim's the one that is lost in the area gray

I keep hurting,
And now I’m feeling the same
And I beg on my knees to the perpetrators please won't you change

Are you waiting for change?
Vision losing its range
Will it ever get better?
I feel the same
(we feel the same) 

Yeah I get how you’re feeling
running out of your rage
All that’s left is the hurt and the loss of too many good days...