Nest Family Nights™

We launched Nest Family Nights™ to challenge taboos and discomfort that create barriers to communication between youth and parents and caregivers. Nest Family Nights™ are designed to bring families into the conversations that students are having about sexual violence prevention through the Nest Curriculum.
Young people take the lead and facilitate small group conversations among other youth and family members. Through the course of the events, parents and family members start an important dialogue with the teens in their lives.

Nest Family Nights™ are intended to take place after the Nest Curriculum, thereby giving youth the opportunity to serve as informed leaders and facilitators in conversations with their families. Teachers trained by Nest are provided with a Nest Family Night™ Guide, which outlines the structure of an event. However, we rely on restorative justice methods, including circle practices to ensure that every conversation is locally relevant.

Nest Family Night™ Guide

Written By
Cynthia Cassella
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Review and Consultation
Kaia Stern, PhD
Harvard Graduate School of Education