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Nest designs and delivers workshops, presentations, and events for all members of schools and the wider community. These customized workshops are for everyone. Children and young people can be exposed to potential harms in online and offline spaces, so it's important to offer guidance and resources to all members of a community. We all have a role to play in preventing abuse and exploitation.

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Expert Presenters

Our workshops are headlined by our network of knowledgeable and highly regarded experts in the field, on topics such as identifying child exploitation remotely, online safety, sexually explicit media and its impact on youth, processing grief and loss and mental health.

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Dr. Mary Frances O'Connor

Neuroscientist and renowned grief expert

Sara Benincasa

Writer & Comedian

Nicole Daley

MPH; Previously Director of Evaluation and Engagement at One Love

Upcoming Events

Mental Health
Grief & Loss

Our most requested workshop! We explore why grief is such a unique and intense emotion, how grief works in the brain, the problems with generalized models like the “five stages of grief,” and how we can learn to live with loss.

December 7, 2022
Open to the Community

Nest Trainings and Workshops

By training all school staff based on their distinct roles, hosting forums for families and youth, and engaging the community in capacity building and awareness raising, we strengthen entire social ecosystems against sexual violence.

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Nest Trainings and Workshops

Tailored Workshop

Audience: High School Students, Parents & Caregivers, School Counselors

We design and deliver customized workshops for students along with all those involved in preventing and responding to abuse and exploitation such as school counselors, nurses, wellbeing clinic staff, school administration and district staff, social workers, and law enforcement.

Case Study

Uplift Dating Violence Workshop

In 2021, Nest delivered virtual dating violence prevention content to 4,800 Texas Uplift Charter Schools high school students. Dating violence is common, with 1 in 3 high school students experiencing an abusive relationship. It is critical to educate young people on how to recognize and name these situations and dynamics in order to teach the skills to handle these scenarios for themselves and their peers. Students shared how the workshop felt relevant to their personal experiences and gave them useful models of healthy behaviors.

[I will] be careful of which relationships I choose to engage in, [and be] open in what my relationships with other people look like.

Student Participant
Nest Trainings and Workshops

Nest Symposium

Audience: School Staff, Community

Nest organizes larger-scale, wider community events such as summits or symposiums as an opportunity to reach out broadly and bring different stakeholders together. These events provide a point of engagement for full schools, districts, teams, or communities. Nest prioritizes youth participation in the design of all of our programming. These events provide a key opportunity for strengthening collective action and investment in prevention efforts.

Case Study

LAUSD Symposium

In 2021, Nest held a one-day virtual symposium for educators, counselors, school support staff, and community stakeholders in Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD). Speakers and topics included Joe Sullivan, “Sexual Exploitation in Schools: Lessons from offenders”, Polly Klaas Foundation, Jenni Thompson, “Child Sex Trafficking in Schools: Case studies & resources”, Amy Collins, “Child Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking: Healthy Relationships; Vulnerabilities & Protective Factors, Prevention, Reporting & Response.” Participants shared that this was a powerful experience which all stakeholders in schools should have access to. 

I was given a lot of important relevant information that all teachers (and parents) need to be aware of.

Elementary Teacher, LAUSD
Nest Trainings and Workshops

Free Virtual Workshops

Audience: General Public

In 2020, Nest began offering free virtual workshops to all members of the public. These workshops are led by the Nest team and disciplinary experts from Nest’s strong network of leaders in this field. The workshops share comprehensive knowledge, practical tools and resources, and opportunities for exchange to strengthen the community and best practice in prevention work and support to students.

Case Study

Virtual Workshop: “Intersections of Vulnerability: Sexual Exploitation & Children with Autism”

Tina Bigdeli; National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)

This free virtual workshop focused on youth with disabilities and understanding their experiences of risk of exploitation and abuse. Nest and NCMEC facilitated an interactive discussion about: recent data and online sexual exploitation trends; case examples involving children with Autism; where and how to report suspected child sexual exploitation; and support resources for survivors, caregivers, and families.  

So much information, really well presented. I am looking forward to sharing the information with my colleagues!

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We want to support the unique needs of our community and are constantly learning from our exchanges with everyone we work with - students, educators, school staff, parents, etc. We are eager to hear from you what type of events we can help co-create with you.

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