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Gratitude Handout Freebie Nov 2023

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Gratitude Hunt Worksheet Packet


Introduce a week-long exploration of gratitude tailored to your students' grade level with our downloadable Gratitude Hunt Worksheet. Available in three grade-appropriate levels (Elementary, Middle, and High School), this resource fosters a positive classroom environment by guiding students through daily prompts, encouraging reflection on the positive aspects of their lives and the contributions of others.

Empathy Starter Kit

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Cultivating Compassion: An Empathy Starter Kit

Coming Soon

This starter kit is an accessible resource designed to kickstart empathy education in classrooms. Ideal for teachers not currently using the Nest Violence Prevention Curricula, this starter resource allows educators to immediately initiate discussions and practices around empathy in their classrooms. For a comprehensive approach to cultivating a classroom rooted in understanding and compassion, consider implementing the Nest K-12 Violence Prevention Curriculum.

POSTER Sexual Violence Poster

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Sexual Violence Pyramid

Coming Soon

This pyramid is a visual representation of what’s known as the sexual violence continuum. The things on the ‘lower end’ of the violence continuum (or on the foundation of the pyramid) might not feel as overt or severe, yet they uphold the more severe and obviously violent behaviors at the top. Regardless of where on the pyramid they fall, all of these issues contribute to a culture of violence.


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