We work with leading experts in sexual exploitation and violence prevention. We always seek out innovations and innovators in education. We never stop listening to teachers, students, administrators, and our board of advisors. The Nest Program For the Right To Healthy Relationships: Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking includes a curriculum for youth and robust resources for educators, family members, and the wider community.


The new Nest Program for the Right to Healthy Relationships offers materials that are responsive to the needs of today’s students and educators. It’s informed by the latest research in sociopolitical development theory and we’re constantly refining our resources with input from leading experts.

empowering for teachers

The Nest Program makes sure that teachers have total support - from training to implementation. Nest knows that teachers are some of the most important people in the lives of their students. We’re always working with our partners to find new ways to help teachers, whether it’s through training workshops, building online tools, or adapting our materials to suit their needs. We love teachers and always make sure we keep them front and center in our work.


Our content offers practical skills for situations both in and outside of school. We create engaging and dynamic lesson plans that feature videos and activities that get students out of their seats and connecting with each other. Whether it’s the #metoo movement, sexting, or the latest music video, we keep the content refreshed and relevant for today’s youth.


Young people aren’t just leaders of tomorrow, they are standing up and speaking out today. Nest holds events and supports youth-led action and advocacy to end sexual violence and exploitation and we partner with inspiring organizations to make sure young people’s voices are heard.


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